Monday, March 30, 2009

UFO Landing Filmed by Ukraine UFOlogist

Article translated from Russian to English:

The aim of every self-respecting ufologist - provide people with a maximum of evidence that the plates and the green men do exist. Therefore, in order to build the next portion veschdokov, Zaporozhye adventurers, armed with cameras and cameras, went to the so-called Sinelnikovskuyu zone (fields around the village Varvarovka in the Dnipropetrovsk region, near the railway station «Sinelnikovo»), which they consider to be abnormal. And I have to say, hunting success: the dead of night made unique frames, when a huge glowing pink ball slowly fell to the ground.

Bulb - so tenderly between the researchers described as a strange object - not just landed and was moving on the trajectory of the mysterious, the shape of crescent

The video noticeable that the object and landing smoothly on the fly changing the angle of motion. This sure proves that the filmed object - not a meteorite, and no flare - shine with happiness Zaporizhiyan ufologist Vladislav buzzard. - In order to better examine the UFO, after shooting an object, we have increased almost fifty times. When started to consider - obomleli! This is not a normal plate, a bright ball, splashed with light.

Ufologist Vladislav buzzard shot on video bizarre pink balloon.

UFO filmed more like a children's attraction, as the ship of extraterrestrial civilizations. It is a pity that members of the expedition did not find a place where landed Bulb. But both were looking for - quickly jumped on the machines in the target landing aliens, but to get them prevented any devildom: first engines zaglohli in three cars, and when they managed to make, they are at the first turn of mired in the mud on the bumper. As a result, out of the anomalous zone ufologist could only be undertaken under the morning.

By the way

Flying saucer are observing in 1995

- Since 1995, Sinelnikovo often started noticing strange objects in the sky. At first local residents to panic, but later resigned to the fact that their area of extraterrestrial substance used as an interchange station. - Now the frequent visits by light circles, flying plates seen as everyday things. The fact that over the area regularly fly a UFO - an indisputable fact. In the many eyewitnesses saw. Perhaps such activity dishes in the area associated with geological faults.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

International UFO Congress 2009 Videos

Last month International UFO Congress 2009 held in Laughlin,Nevada,USA. Down below video is from a session at the 2009 International UFO Congress Convention - Astronomer Dr. Rudy Schild describes recent developments in astrophysics that relate to the nature of the universe with particular emphasis on the quantum and informational structure of space-time. Based upon testimony of experiencers about spacecraft control, he speculates about the nature of the operation of alien spacecraft.

Journalist George Knapp Interviews UFOTV President and CEO Tim Crawford about the latest discoveries in UFOlogy, government disclosure, suppressed evidence and exopolitics. UFO researchers think there's a huge volume of suppressed evidence that should be made public.

You can watch Highlights of 7 days long International UFO Congress 2009 Here

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mayan Calendar Crop Circle

All signs seem to point to 2012. What do you think?